For the 11th Summer Seminar on Population

Workshop 1 – Demographic Analysis: Methods and Tools in R

Date: July 1 (Mon) - 5 (Fri), 25-hour course

Venue: FKI Tower Conference Center, Seoul


Tim Riffe, Ph.D.
(Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, University of the Basque Country)


  This workshop introduces basic demographic concepts and data.
  Participants will learn to “think like a demographer." We will cover fundamental ideas about age, time, intensity, change, composition, comparisons, and projection in the field of demography.
  All concepts will be illustrated using worked examples in the R language. We will use a “tidy” and reproducible programming paradigm, with an emphasis on visualizing results.
  No prior programming experience is required.

Key Features

  • Learning Demographic
    Concepts and Data
  • Working with Examples in R
  • Practice Sessions focusing
    on Group Activity


  • Session 1 - Basic Demographic data and concepts: [stocks, flows] [age, period, cohort]
  • Session 2 - Mortality and fertility [life table] [TFR] [trends] [inequality]
  • Session 3 - Population structure [aging] [heterogeneity]
  • Session 4 - Population growth [balance equation] [Leslie matrix] [stability]
  • Session 5 - Projection [Lee Carter model]

Comments from Previous Participants

The lectures were well designed. We also recieved backend supoort in the form
of cloud codes and supplementary materials

< Public Health / PhD Student >

It has highly dedicated lecture.
Knowledge transfer is highly appreciable.

< Population Division / Government Officer >

The workshop was very well organised and completed in a very strict time frame.
All the meterials are really helpful for my academic career and the lectures were awesome.

< Demography / Masters Student >