For the 11th Summer Seminar on Population

The 11th KOSTAT-UNFPA Summer Seminar on Population
제11회 통계청-유엔인구기금 인구서머세미나

Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) provide a high-quality education program specialized in demographics for responding to the recent emergence of the global population issue. This series of workshops aims to foster expertise in demographics and enhance international demographic statistics capability.

The Seminar is held annually with various participants from government officers, academic experts, and graduate students in the field of demography. It serves as an academic forum where perspectives on demographics can freely converge, fostering, fostering the advancement of demographic research and policy development worldwide.

The 11th Seminar consists of three distinct yet consecutive workshops focusing on demographic research and methods, addressing demographic issues such as low birth rates and aging populations. We invite you to join us in this dynamic academic forum and contribute to shaping the future of demography.

  • Workshop 1 –
    Demographic Analysis: Methods and Tools in R
    Date: July 1 (Mon) - 5 (Fri), 25-hour course
    Venue: FKI Tower Conference Center, Seoul
  • Workshop 2 – Fertility Analysis
    Date: July 8 (Mon) - 12 (Fri), 25-hour course
    Venue: Statistics Training Institute, Daejeon
  • Workshop 3 – Mortality Analysis
    Date: July 15 (Mon) - 19 (Fri), 25-hour course
    Venue: Statistics Training Institute, Daejeon


Participants who complete at least 80% of a workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate will be signed by the host organizers' names.