The "International Population Statistics Cooperation Project" is an international cooperation project conducted by Statistics Korea (KOSTAT). The project aims to stimulate the development of demographics by acting as a hub for knowledge exchanges on demographic issues, and strengthen the statistical capacities of experts from around the world. KOSTAT is also striving to develop various programs to enhance cooperation with developing countries using Korea's know-how and experience in demographics and censuses to enhance their statistical capabilities.

ANCSDAAP Secretariat

  • In 1991, the Association of National Census and Statistics Directors of America, Asia, and the Pacific (ANCSDAAP) was established and incorporated in the State of Hawaii, U.S.A. All Population Census Conferences since 1991, starting with the 14th, have been conducted under the auspices of ANCSDAAP and hosted either by a census and statistics office in the region or by the East-West Center.

    The East-West Center continued to provide secretariat services to ANCSDAAP until the 26th Conference in 2013. At that time, KOSTAT took over the role of secretariat and has worked to foster communication and collaboration between member countries for enhancing the quality of statistical information on the world’s population and its characteristics.

KOSTAT-UNFPA Summer Seminar on Population

  • The Summer Seminar on Population was originally launched by the East-West Center (EWC) in 1970. It earned its reputation as a renowned set of seminars on population-related issues and continued until the 42nd Seminar in 2011. In 2013, the Summer Seminar on Population was transferred from the EWC to Statistics Korea (KOSTAT).

    KOSTAT launched the first KOSTAT Summer Seminar on Population in 2014 and is continuing to conduct the program annually to contribute to the development of population statistics and allow experts from around the world to exchange knowledge and experiences.


  • In 2015, KOSTAT agreed with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to cooperate on a project for strengthening national statistical capacities for the production of international labour migration statistics (ILMS). The two institutions signed an MoU to conduct various joint projects including developing and distributing ILMS survey tables, collecting statistical data from each participating nation in the Asia-Pacific region, establishing an ILMS database, and hosting capacity building programs for the participating nations. In June 2019, KOSTAT and the ILO signed a second MoU and extended the joint project until 2024.

Joint Projects

  • KOSTAT has been actively conducting projects on demographics in collaboration with international agencies, such as United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Population Division (UNPD), and other national statistical offices for the purpose of dealing with global demographic issues and developing censuses.