(SSP10) Lodging Provision for Grad Students (Workshop 1 and 2)

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Writer Secretariat Date 2023.05.26

​Information on Lodging Provision for Graduate Students

The 10th KOSTAT-UNFPA Summer Seminar on Population, 2023


1. Overview

Lodging provision for Workshop 1 and 2 (face-to-face) period will be given for a limited number of full-time graduate students on a selected basis. To apply for lodging provision, please submit your "Official certificate of enrollment at current graduate school" when you apply for the workshop(s).

2. Application

The certificate of enrollment should be 

(1) issued within last three months;

(2) contain an authorized confirmation (stamp or signature); 

(3) and proof of enrollment during the workshop period.

  **A student ID card is not accepted.

3. Coverage

The lodging will cover from Monday to Friday, only during the workshop (4 nights each).

- Check-in: Monday that is the first day of the workshop (Workshop 1: July 24, Workshop 2: July 31)

- Check-out: Friday that is the last day of the workshop (Workshop 1: July 28, Workshop 2: August 4)

4. Selection Criteria

- First Priority will be given to a long-distance resident (30% for domestic students; 70% for overseas students)

- Second Priority will be given to doctoral students 

- Those who have training experience or major in relevant topic of the workshop are preferred

- (If necessary) relevance research/work experience to the selected workshop(s) will be considered

5. Notice

- The organizers do not support transportation, including airfare. It is only for lodging provision for each workshop period.

- This provision will be given for a limited number of full-time graduate students for Workshop 1 and 2.

- Each applicant is responsible for all the expenses for weekends.

- If you are not able to participate in the workshop(s), you should inform us at least two weeks before the beginning of the first workshop.
   * In case of cancellation or no show, penalties will be applied for future Seminar application.

- Workshop application and submission of documents should be submitted via our website. Incomplete application will not be considered.

- Acceptance letters will be sent out by June 20, 2023.

6. Inquiries: Summer Seminar Secretariat (Korea Statistics Promotion Institute)

- Email: popstatssp@gmail.com

- Tel: +82-(0)70-4466-8030, +82-(0)70-4466-9088